Sunday, 4 June 2017


Mamma mia! is a 2008 British-American music romantic comedy film adapted from 1999 West End/2001 Broadway musical of the same name. It's a story of a bridge-to-be trying to find her real father, based on music of successful pop group ABBA.

The film was directed by Phyllida Lloyd and distributed by Universal Pictures. 
In the cast we can see the stars like Meryl Streep ans single mother Donna Sheridan, Pierce Brosnan as Sam Carmichael, Colin Firth as Harry Bright, Stellen Skarsgard as Bill Anderson and, of course, Amanda Seyfried as a Donna's daughter.

The movie was nominated for lots of awards like Golden Globe Awards or BAFTA Awards. Pierce Brosnan's singing was heavily panned by critics and he won Golden Raspberry Award for the Worst Supporting Actor. But in my opinion he wasn't so bad. ;)

I really like this movie, it's funny and pleasant to watch. I recommend that one! ;)


Enter Festival - an annual  international jazz music festival organized since 2011 by Lake Strzeszyńskie in Poznań. The director and organizer of the festival is Jerzy Gumny and the artistic director Leszek Możdżer. The festival is organised outdoors in the Oasis restaurant, near the urban beach. 

The audience is always about 1000 people. The festival concerts last 2 days, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before the Corpus Christi.

In 2017 There will be a lot of world-class jazz artists like Kwadrofonic, Piotr Pianohoolingan Orzechowski, Paweł Kaczmarczyk, Marcin Wasilewski, Thomas Enhco and others. But the most important star and musician there will be, of course, Leszek Możdżer!

He's a Polish jazz pianist, music producer and film music composer.
He's a winner of many music and culture awards, including Ad Astra, Jazz Oscars, Jazz Forum Awards and Jazz Melomani Awards.

He played in the band Miłość, which was very successful.
He's famous of his Impressons of Chopin's.

So If you are interested in jazz music, one of the biggest jazz festival is very close, just in Poznań! ;)


Tame Impala - an American psychodelic rock band founded by Kevin Parker in 2007. As a touring act, in the project are:
Parker-guitar and vocals, Jay Watson-synthesiser, vocals and guitar, Dominic Simper-guitar and synthesiser, Cam Avery-bass guitar
and vocals and Julien Barbagallo-drums and vocals.

Their first debut album from 2010 Sundown Syndrome reached platinum album status in Australia and received a Grammy Award nomination for the Best Alternative Music Album.

They recorded two more albums, in 2012 Lonerism and in 2015 Currents. Both received lots of awards.

Their music is influenced by late 1960s and early 1970s psychodelic rock. Some favourites effects used by Parker are phasing, delay and fuzz.
The kind of music that is the result of one person constructing an awesome symphony of sound. You can layer your own voice too times for half a second if you want, and I just love that kind of music.

Parker creates new and unique sounds by experimentations with differents effects pedals. In his music it's also strong sense of melody.

It's not very popular music style, but the band is well-known.
I really can recommend their music! ;)

Saturday, 3 June 2017


The movie Intouchables is a French comedy. This is a true story of Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo, it's not a story from the directors and scriptwriter head.

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo got a dramatic accident in the French Alps and after that he was totally deprived of movements from the base of his neck to the tip of his feet. Three years later, after the death of his wife, he was helped out of his depression by Abdel Sellou (his life-aid assistant). He published a book about that called The second breath.

The movie tells the story of racial problems and the difficulties of disabled. In my opinion, it's very wise movie - it raises serious problems in a satirical way.

In the cast we can see the stars like Francoise Cluzet and Omar Sy.
If you don't know Omar Sy yet, you have to do that. His father is from Senegal and mother from Mauritania. He's black and he really often talks about the racial problems.
In one interview he said: 
People only look at you and say "you are black and you are from the banlieue" and all the doors are closed. I had the desire to be something else. If I see a door that is a little open, I will find a way to get through.


This is one of my favourite movies and below there is one of my favourite scenes. ;) Enjoy! 



The movie L'arnacoeur, known also as Heartbreaker, is a French romantic comedy from 2010. In the main cast we can se stars like Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis or Francois Damiens.
The plot is about the siblings, Alex and Melanie, who run a businness designed to break up relationships. One of their orders was to break up the wedding of daughter of very rich man. The only problem here was that they have only one week to do that.

The movie starts with Alex's monologue. We can hear that one also on the end of the movie.
Alex: In a couple there are three categories of woman. The happy ones, the unhappy ones who cope and the unhappy ones who do not admit it. The last category is my stock in trade. We exist to help them. Our job: breaking up their couples. Our goal: to open their eyes. Our method: seduction. We break their couples, never their hearts. My name is Alex Lippi and today, I broke my own heart.

I really like this romantic comedy. I know that it's a little unrealistic and it follow it's genre, but also it's laugh out loud funny and smarter than it lets on. This is really good comedy with farce and l'amour.

I'm sure that you know Vanessa Paradis - French actress, model and singer. She's know by the song Joe le Taxi. But I'm not sure that you know Romain Duris. He's story of arriving in the movie industry is quite surprising. He was discovered by a casting director by chance and he was offered a role while he was waiting in front of a high school in Paris. 

Duris is regarded as an excellent and touching actor by critics and by the audience. ;)

Friday, 2 June 2017


As you know, Chris Cornell was found dead from suicide in hotel in Detroit in the morning of May 18, 2017, the night afret a Soundgarden concert. I just want to write here something about him and his career.

Chris Cornell was an American musician, singer and songwriter. He was the vocalist in bands like Soundgarden and Audioslave.

He had nearly four-octave vocal range and he used for this powerful vocal belting technique.
He released four solo albums like Euphoria Morning, Carry On, Scream and Higher Truth.

It's not a secret that he had multiple addictions. He was a child of two alcoholics, so he also started drinking a lot and taking drugs at very young age.

In personal life, he was twice married and he has 3 children: Jean, Toni and Christopher.

According to Nielson Music, Cornell in his entire career sold 14.8 million albums and 8.8 million digital songs!

His the most important stage in music career was beeing a membership in the band Soundgarden. I leave here some music of this group.

And something from solo career. Enjoy! ;)

alt-J Δ

One more band here, which in my opinion everyone should know!

It's an English indie rock band formed in 2007 by guitarist and bassist Gwill Sainsburg. The members of the group excluding Gwill: Joe Newmann - guitar, lead vocals; Gus Unger-Hamilton - keyboards, vocals and Tom Green - drums.

The first album An awesome Wave from 2012 won the 2012 British Mercury Prize. Second album This is all yours in 2014 went straight to UK number one.

The band has a symbol delta Δ, which is used in scientific study to indicate change or difference. On Apple Mac you can type the Δ symbol with the key sequence Alt+J. 
The group previously known as Films was forced to change the name to alt-J  because a band called The Films already existed.

A lot of alt-J's music appears in popular culture. We can hear the music in the television series like The Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, the movie Silver Linings Playbook (starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence) or Captain America: Civil War

I want to show you special song titled Taro, which tells us the story of Robert Capa's last expedition. Capa was a Hungarian war photographer and photo journalist. He was killed when he stepped on a land mine. The song talks about the love between Capa and Taro and the circumstances of his death.

Thanks for attention! ;)